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Exploring the Hispanic-Anglosphere

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Through text, images and sound, this exhibition showcases a small sample of the contribution made by people in the British Isles closely engaged with the global Hispanic world, regardless of their birth, religion or political allegiance, as well as by those people who came from the Hispanic world to the British Isles as visitors, exiles and/or migrants. 

It is the outcome of the first phase of the AHRC-funded project ‘The Hispanic-Anglosphere: transnational networks, global communities (late 18-early 20th century) in partnership with the National Trust Tyntesfield under the curatorship of the project’s Principal Investigator Dr Graciela Iglesias-Rogers.

There is no prescribed route for visiting the exhibition. Messages leading backward and forward have been provided at the top and bottom of each panel only to ease the navigation. Links to additional information can be found highlighted within each panel. Sources and suggested readings as well as facilities for printing and sharing electronically are offered at the end of the text.  

The information throughout this exhibition has been peer-reviewed and it is based on disclosed and verifiable sources; it is being published under open-access criteria with guidelines for citation.  Just click HERE or on any of these panels below to start exploring the Hispanic-Anglosphere…

Hope from the roots up to the rafters

The Bollaert slab:  a fertile discovery

The port of Iquique, c. 1880-1890s

Oddity and sacrifice after exile in Jersey

A sound friendship forged in war

Master Lacy, the famous ‘young’ Spaniard

The risky appeal of the common people

A translation that improved the original

Key Locations: the Quinta Waddington 

Key Locations: Office and residence of Thomas Conroy  

Key Locations: Valparaiso´s Dissidents Cemetery 

Chile’s national flower at Tyntesfield

Key Locations: The birthplace of William Gibbs in Madrid

More panels will be added in the following months. In the meantime, try exploring the archival and bibliographical Resources already available in this site, including a Hispanic Itinerary of the National Trust Tyntesfield.

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