Carlos [man servant to Dickson, G. F. (1787-1859)]

Very little is known of Carlos, ‘Charles’, apart from family records that identify him as an Afro slave bought in Buenos Aires and brought to Britain at 21 years of age to act as man servant to the merchant, diplomat and botanist George Frederick Dickson (1787-1859) who made him to be baptised on 12 April 1824 at St. George’s Church, Everton, Lancashire, a year after baptising his own three surviving children born in Buenos Aires at the same church  (Frederick Cartwright, Thomas Ashton, Jane Elizabeth, all on 23 January 1823). He seems to have remained in service of the Dicksons for many years as the family shows a photograph apparently taken in later life in a family webpage  (Family History Müller-Humphreys, accessed 11 January 2018) ).

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Sources (indicative):  Register Baptisms, St. George’s Church, 1814-1866, Page 35, Entry 273, cited in Family History Müller-Humphreys,, accessed 11 January 2018.

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