In this page we are starting to provide evidence-based information about the theme of Translation in the context of the Hispanic-Anglosphere, mainly in relation to the activities of individuals, networks and communities.


G. Iglesias-Rogers, ‘From Philos Hispaniae to Karl Marx: The First English Translation of a Liberal Codex’, in D. Hook and G. Iglesias-Rogers (eds.), Translations in times of Disruption – A interdisciplinary study in transnational contexts (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2017), 45-73.

This is a study of the authorship, text and impact of the first full English translation of the Constitución Política de la Monarquía Española, known as the Constitution of Cadiz, also the first – in this case, last as well – constitution of the global Hispanic world. The unveiling of the identity of Philos Hispaniae, the man behind its dissemination in London makes possible the exploration of the political, economic and cultural disruptions which, it is argued, explain the translator´s editorial approach. A historical analysis reveals significant mismatches in the translation of Spanish terms into English notions of imperial governance, notably relating to the concepts of ‘empire’ and ‘colonies’. The chapter ends with an appraisal of the influence this edition had on future generations of readers, including theorists such as Karl Marx.

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