Southey, Robert (1774-1843)

Poet, historian, political pamphleteer, and Britain’s poet laureate from 1813-1843.  He was connected with many key figures in British 19th century and was a close friend of Walter Savage Landor (1775-1864). Southey’s Luso-Hispanic corpus ranges impressively across genres: translations of medieval classics, epic poetry, travel accounts, political commentary, book reviews, and academic histories. Titles of his major works are: Amadís of Gaul, Palmerin of England… corrected… from the original Portuguese, Chronicle of the Cid, Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar, from the Spanish, Madoc, Roderick, Last of the Goths, The Expedition of Orsúa and the Crimes of Aguirre, A Tale of Paraguay, History of Brazil, History of the Peninsular War, “Chimalpoca.  A Monodrama Founded on an Event in the Mexican History” and  “Song of the Araucans during a Thunderstorm” both in The Annual Anthology, Letters Written During a Short Residence in Spain and Portugal, Journals of a Residence in Portugal 1800-1801, and Letters from England, by Don Manuel Alvarez Espriella.

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