National flower of Chile found at Tyntesfield

Don’t miss the latest addition to our online exhibition  all about one of the first  – if not the first – artistic depictions of the national flower of Chile, the copihue, discovered by one of our colleagues in the walls of NT Tyntesfield, the country residency established by William ‘Guillermo’ Gibbs (1790-1875) near Bristol, UK.

The finding got also a mention in the August-September National Trust Inspire podcast ( ) where the work of our AHRC-University of Winchester research network project The Hispanic-Anglosphere … in general featured highly. In fact, we served as ‘bait’ for the whole programme… so if you want to avoid the self-proclaimed clichéd presentation (which sadly also reduced the whole of the Hispanic world to Iberian Spain) and other items, we would suggest to just start listening from 40:00 in the track.


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