The British Isles – hub of radicalism

We are back with three intriguing and thought-provoking profiles of key Individuals in the Hispanic-Anglosphere.  The articles penned by our colleague Arturo Zoffmann-Rodriguez offer valuable insights into a world marked by intense radicalism, political exile, cultural experimentation and solidarity networks with the British Isles as its centre in the years leading to the threshold of the twentieth century.

You can learn now all about the activities of the Cuban-born free-thinker Fernando Tarrida del Mármol (1861-1915), the trade union activist Pedro Vallina Martínez (1879-1970) and Teresa Claramunt Creus (1862-1931), a leading writer in Freedom, the flagship publication of the London anarchists in the 1890s.

If you have not heard from us for a while is mainly because we are busy working on a contracted edited book, but we are still trying to find time to get the word out about the project (ex. only a couple of weeks ago we shared a platform in an event in Canning House entitled ‘Forgotten Histories’) – and we have other profiles and more panels in our online exhibition ‘Exploring the Hispanic-Anglosphere’ in the pipeline, so keep tuned!

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