Tomorrow: The Hispanic-Anglosphere @ Argentina / Talk

A quick reminder to join us in an online talk about the work of the Hispanic-Anglosphere network and the new book The Hispanic-Anglosphere from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century – An Introduction (New York and London: Routledge, 2021) organized by the PECBAL  (Programa de Estudios sobre la Comunidad Británica en America Latina  – Study Programme on The British Community in Latin America) at the Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina.  It will take place TOMORROW Friday 28 May at 11 am (Argentine time) – 15:00 pm (UK time).

Dr José Brownrigg-Gleeson Martínez, Juan I. Neves-Sarriegui  and Dr Graciela Iglesias-Rogers are in the line-up. The initial conversation will be in Spanish, but the Q&A will be in both Spanish and English. You just need to register in advance by visiting this page to receive the Zoom link before the meeting starts:

For more details, see our previous blog. Para más detalles en castellano, lee el blog anterior:

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