New Working Paper: ‘Pandemics, State-Building, and British-Argentine Connections in the 19th Century’

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Working Paper Series with a thought-provoking piece by our colleague Juan I. Neves-Sarriegui available in open access (pdf) here: Pandemics, State-Building, and British-Argentine Connections in the 19th Century’, Working Paper Series, The Hispanic-Anglosphere: transnational networks, global communities (late 18th to early 20th centuries), WP 22-01, September 2022.

The articles in the Working Paper Series on the Hispanic-Anglosphere constitute “work in progress”. They can be papers prepared for conferences, seminars or simply drafts for any other academic output. They are published to stimulate discussion and to contribute to the advancement of our knowledge of the Hispanic-Anglosphere. All texts are peer-reviewed as it is the norm for all the academic material in our website. The aim of the series is also to accelerate the public availability of the research undertaken by our international research network. An electronic version of the Working Paper Series is available at

We have another Working Paper in the pipeline and a wider call for papers will be made shortly – so keep tuned!.

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