CFP: Political mistrust and global pandemics

We are organizing a panel addressing the theme of the Society of Latin American Studies conference (SLAS, Bath, 21-22 April 2022)  Political mistrust and global pandemics” from a historical perspective. We welcome original proposals on any topic or theme relating to the past and relevant to any point of the global Hispanic world (i.e. Spain, Spanish America including Hispanic US, Spanish Asia, Spanish Africa, etc) and particularly to the Hispanic-Anglosphere. For example, the Balmis expedition to inoculate the global Hispanic world with the smallpox vaccine developed by English physician Edward Jenner amid the Napoleonic wars; the rise of the trade on quinine during the Latin American wars of independence; politics and cholera epidemics in the nineteenth century, etc.

We have already three speakers and a discussant (Prof. Matthew Brown) in the panel, but we would like to hear more voices so if you want to join us, just email a title of your proposed paper with a few explanatory lines to before Tuesday 28th September. We welcome papers in English and Spanish. Please make sure to also include the following information: preferred presentation format (in person and/or virtual), your full name, institutional affiliation and email address. Please feel free to include your preferred pronouns, as well.

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