Key location under threat in Callao (Peru)

A new panel in our online exhibition calls attention to the sad fate of the home and office of the ‘honest’, yet ‘ostentatious’ Irish merchant Thomas Conroy (c.1806–1885). Still standing in the heart of Callao (Lima, Peru), this key location of the Hispanic-Anglosphere is currently under threat. The building is suffering under the elements and has been covered in graffiti regardless of having been declared a monument in 1972.

conroy house 2012

View of Thomas Conroy’s residence in Callao, as it stood in 2012. Photograph kindly provided by Juan Manuel Dávila Herrera, founder of the blog “Callao Centro Histórico” []

You can also find in the Individuals section of our website a profile of its founder, a merchant known throughout his 65 years of residence in Peru for his ‘hard work, honesty and love towards his fellow men’!

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