Great first airing at the IHR!

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Positive, insightful and very helpful comments were gathered during the first airing at the Institute of Historical Research in London of one of the working papers already emanating from our project: “Spanish ‘colonies’: a term forged in the Hispanic-Anglosphere” by Dr Graciela Iglesias-Rogers (University of Winchester) and Dr José Brownrigg-Gleeson Martínez (University of Salamanca). It was almost full house at the meeting organized by the Latin American History Seminar of the IHR and chaired by Dr Alejandra Irigoin (LSE-Department of Economic History). Discussions were enriched by interventions from both early career and veteran scholars from a variety of disciplines, including Prof Mark Thurner (SOAS-Latin American Studies) who is currently editing a multi-authored book on the subject of colonialism and global decolonization and our own colleague Dr Karen Racine (University of Guelph, Canada) who also kindly took the photos you can see here. Indeed, if you happen to be at Oxford this afternoon, do not miss her talk at 5 pm entitled ‘Mock Monarchy: Latin American Royal Exiles in London and their Effect on British Constitutional Debates’ at the Main Seminar Room,  the Latin American Centre, 1 Church Walk, Oxford.

And for learning more or just to catch up with the latest regarding our project, come next Wednesday 24th October (11:10-13:00) to the talk by our Principal Investigator ‘Entangled History: the Hispanic-Anglosphere Project (Concepts, Methods and Public Engagement)’ organized by The Global History of Europe in the Long Nineteenth Century Seminar, at the McGregor Room, Oriel College, University of Oxford, Oxford OX1 4EW, UK. All welcome, but if you are not a member of the university, just drop an email before attending to Prof. James McDougall (

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